Cynthea Kelley and Matt Landon found instant chemistry when they played together for the first time in March of 2019.  Check out their fireside cover of "I Want to Hold Your Hand".

Upturned Album by Sisters Fair
Time - Sisters Fair
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Learning to Trust - Sisters Fair
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Sisters Fair is a folk/chamber-pop duo comprised of Cynthea Kelley and her sister Liz Kelley-Tavernier

They released their first full-length album Upturned in July of 2017, and released their acoustic EP Where to Begin

in August of 2108.  They plan to continue recording, performing, and writing music together in the future.

Tim Hardwick & Cynthea Kelley

After having played together in a wide variety of musical contexts, Tim Hardwick and Cynthea Kelley decided to collaborate and record this cover of "Sleeping by Myself" in the summer of 2018.

engineering/mixing credits

2022 - "Datum" by Kyle Burgess

2021 - "Eldritch Utterance" by Andrew Saliba

2021 - "Knocks Me Off My Feet (Cover)" by Cynthea Kelley & Matt Landon

2021 - "I Can't Wait" by Austin Benzing

2021 - "R.E.S.P.E.C.T." produced by Michigan Music Alliance

2020 - A Simple Phrase by May Erlewine

2018 - Where to Begin by Sisters Fair

2018 - Cross Country by William Flynn and Tim Fischer (2018, Artists Recording Collective)

2017 - Yuletide by Grace Wright and William Flynn

2017 - Age of Power (Soundtrack) by Mark Hollmann, Dave Caplan, and Allen Jay Zipper

2017 - Upturned by Sisters Fair

2017 - Shared Traditions: A Tribute to Charles Joyner, produced by Coastal Carolina University

2016 - Snake Oil by David LaCombe and Bobby Shropshire

2016 - A Hushed Thrill by Ron Daise