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Cynthea Kelley

Photo by Jon Walder

Cynthea Kelley is a performing artist and audio engineer based in Nashville, TN, as of January 2022.  Quickly making a name for herself in Music City as a skilled singer-songwriter, live sound engineer and mix engineer, Kelley is regularly performing and running live sound at local venues, assistant engineering at local recording studios, and mixing a musically diverse list of projects from her home studio.

"WITH YOU"Cynthea Kelley released her debut single as a solo artist in September of 2022.  A display of her multifaceted skillset, the song was written, performed (vocals/guitar), produced and mixed by Kelley.  The band—featuring Jovan Quallo (sax), Matt Endahl (piano), Jonathan Wires (bass), and Mark Raudabaugh (drums)—was recorded during a live show at Rudy's Jazz Room, which Kelley then sewed together with the intricate vocal arrangement she had already been working on in the studio.  (Read more…)

Photo by Jon Walder

Photo by Liz Kelley

With experience as a studio engineer, live sound engineer, and at-home recording/mix engineer, Cynthea Kelley is available for virtual and in-person consultations for feedback on mixes and recordings, sound system setup, and guidance on audio processing (EQ, compression, reverb, etc) and signal flow.  (Read more)

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