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Cynthea Kelley is a performing artist and audio engineer based in Nashville, TN, as of January 2022.  Quickly making a name for herself in Music City as a skilled singer-songwriter, live sound engineer and mix engineer, Kelley is regularly performing and running live sound at local venues, assistant engineering at local recording studios, and mixing a musically diverse list of projects from her home studio.

From 2020-2022, Kelley worked as an engineer/producer at La Luna Recording & Sound in Kalamazoo, MI, recording acoustic-based artists and bands primarily in the genres of jazz, americana, and folk.  A list of Kelley's engineering and mixing credits can be found here.

From 2016 to 2018, Kelley was employed by Wheelwright Studio as a recording engineer.  This allowed her to record a wide variety of ensembles, mix and master professional albums, and produce/mix/master an eclectic collection of personal projects.  As a producer/arranger in the studio, many of Cynthea's arrangements are featured on albums produced by Coastal Carolina University. 


"WITH YOU"Cynthea Kelley released her debut single as a solo artist in September of 2022.  A display of her multifaceted skillset, the song was written, performed (vocals/guitar), produced and mixed by Kelley.  The band—featuring Jovan Quallo (sax), Matt Endahl (piano), Jonathan Wires (bass), and Mark Raudabaugh (drums)—was recorded during a live show at Rudy's Jazz Room, which Kelley then sewed together with the intricate vocal arrangement she had already been working on in the studio.  The song also features modular synth parts played by Tim Fischer.

Kelley co-directed/-edited her first music video for the single with Adam Wissman.

In pursuit of a deeper understanding of music, Cynthea Kelley has developed a diverse musical background over the years.  She began her career in music in the singer-songwriter/folk duo Sisters Fair, with her sister Liz Kelley.  In this duo, Cynthea and Liz both took on the roles of songwriters, vocalists, and fingerstyle acoustic guitarists.  They self-engineered and produced the all-original album Upturned, which was released in July of 2017, and the EP Where to Begin in August of 2018.


The creative outlet of Sisters Fair inspired Kelley to formally study music at Coastal Carolina University. During her time at CCU, Cynthea earned a BA in Classical Guitar Performance.  She also spent time in the world of jazz and commercial music, performing with and arranging for the CCU Large Jazz Ensemble and the  CCU Jazz Combo, while studying jazz arranging and advanced recording techniques.  As a vocalist at Coastal Carolina, Kelley performed alongside guest artists such as Ron Miller, Victor Wooten, Becca Stevens, Steve Bailey, Kobie Watkins, and Victor Provost.

Cynthea Kelley is available to do remote mixing/editing from her home studio, and to record session vocals/vocal arrangements and rhythm guitar.  For inquiries about her rates as a performer, recording artist and/or engineer, please feel free to send all emails here.

With YouCynthea Kelley
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Photo by Jon Walder

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